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Welcome to Mohd Fadzrul Hisyam's professional blog. This blog is specially serves to introduce me to you for any future career prospects.

Please have some time here to know some detail about me and you may download my resume for your reference. Contact me if you have interest on my knowledge and skills that can to be used to develop and advancing your company to a better stage.

Please be noted that the resume provided is formatted to suit for Malaysia-Indonesia-Singapore regional industries. However, if you are interested to have my global formatted resume, please contact me for a request.

Mohd Fadzrul Hisyam bin Badarudin.


Final Year Project

Parametric Study on Fatigue Failure Using Crack Initiation Method

This project is about investigating the fatigue failure behaviour by varying the simulation parameters and predicting the crack initiation life of AISI/SAE 1045 graded steel using crack initiation method. This project also using MSC Patran 2010, MSC Nastran 2007 and ANSYS 13.0 nCode DesignLife software in order to obtain the linear static and dynamic analysis of the material.

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